What RLDH clients are saying

I had a very successful experience with Rhonda Davis, clinical hypnotherapist. I had never consulted a hypnotherapist before this and had some misgivings, but all of my questions were answered and fears allayed during the Free 20-minute consultation. The issue I was consulting her for was defined, addressed, and handled over a couple of sessions leaving me with the result I desired and tools for helping myself in the future. I am now leading a more joyous life than I led before consulting Ms. Davis.

JSS Cortez, CO

Rhonda Davis is a very energized and dedicated hypnotherapist.  She is a highly personable and skillful practitioner who truly cares about helping her clients reach their goals.  Rhonda showed me the way to access my subconscience mind in the most peaceful way.  She also helped me to reprogram my limited beliefs into positives ones. I strongly recommend Rhonda to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves.

Sylvain Coulon NYC

When I first came to Rhonda for hypnotherapy, I was managing anxiety around a romantic relationship.  The issue had a time sensitivity, and I was not at all certain it was able to be resolved.  Rhonda recognized the essence of the problem quickly and easily.  I felt comfortable around her right away.  What really surprised me was how dramatic and immediately I began to notice a shift in the right direction.  Today I am enjoying healthy intimacy, and also much more of life in general.  Thanks Rhonda!

M. Barbee Seatle, WA

The first time I met Rhonda, I knew I wanted to work with her.  She is a fantastic person and a talented hypnotherapist.  She works with me as I continue to  make important changes that are redefining my life.  Rhonda is compassionate and committed to helping me achieve my goals.  I know you’ll benefit from her amazing assistance and customized sessions.  I would recommend Rhonda to anyone.  In fact, I do!

H.B. Albuquerque NM

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