anesthesia pic Medical research shows that people who actively prepare for an operation have less pain, fewer complications and recover sooner.

Regardless of whether your surgery or medical procedure is minor and routine, or major and life threatening, the worry associated with medical procedures can be devastating. Fortunately, the mind-body techniques in my Hypnotherapy For Surgery Program will help you go through these procedures more easily, with much greater comfort, and will even shorten your recovery time. The mind-body techniques in my Hypnotherapy For Surgery Program will give you ways to cope with your fears and actually help you feel peaceful during the hours, days or weeks before your operation. Using these techniques will help you feel calmer before surgery, have less pain after surgery, use less pain medication, recover faster, strengthen your immune system and save money on medical bills.

Together we’ll work with your physician and anesthesiologist to incorporate the Hypnotherapy For Pain Program with your medical procedure today so you can start getting the comfort and benefits you deserve.

Hypnotherapy For Surgery Program Includes:
  1. Relax to feel peaceful, using hypnotherapy and customized relaxation CDs.
  2. Visualize your healing through hypnotherapy using guided healing imagery.
  3. Organize a support group of family and friends and educate them on how to best support you on your journey.
  4. Use healing statements created with customized Neuro-Linguistic Programming and customized CDs during surgery.
  5. Meet your anesthesiologist to establish a supportive relationship and delivery your healing statements before anesthesia.