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LogoColorTextBelowRLDH medical support hypnotherapy sessions are conducted as a complement or adjunct to medical and mental health treatment.  If a client has a medical condition or is under the care of a physician, and seeking Medical Hypnotherapy, a referral from their doctor will be required prior to beginning medical hypnotherapy sessions.  This is for Medical Hypnotherapy sessions only.

Note: I do not attempt to treat or diagnose disease or mental disorders of any kind. Hypnotherapy in no way replaces standard medical procedures but works in conjunction with them by freeing the patient of feelings and attitudes that may be inhibiting his or her response to them. Through hypnosis, one uses the natural facilities of the mind to create a positive attitude and boost the immune system, allowing the client to make the most of the medical help available. Hypnotherapy helps to create a strong positive expectancy and reduces stress, thereby normalizing the action of the autonomic nervous system. 


Physician to Physician Consultation Service

Medical support hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective tool for improving the outcome of patient care in areas such as accelerated healing and pain control.

Learning how to integrate it as an adjunct to medical treatment is new territory for some medical personnel and facilities.


Patient Benefits

With Hypnotherapy, patients now are given a way to take a more active role in their own healthcare and/or pain management.

Some Major Benefits To Patient Outcome Include:
  1. Reduction of pre-procedural negative anticipatory worry
  2. Increased patient compliance with prescribed medical treatment
  3. Shortened recovery time post-operatively
  4. Less procedural and post-procedural pain
  5. Improved general well-being
  6. Shortened labor in childbirth

Specialties Supported by Medical Hypnotherapy

 Include, but not limited to:


Burn Care    




Emergency Medicine     












RLDH Physician’s Network

Mesa Family Practice
2130 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, NM 87401

Phone: 505.325.2323
- Lloyd Percell, PA

Pinon Family Practice
2300 E 30th, Suite C2
Farmington, NM 87401

Phone: 505.325.2323
- Dr. Pope, MD

Sunrise Chiropractic
409 W Main
Farmington, NM 87401

Phone: 505.324-2080
Dr. Beth Davis

UNM Emergency Medicine
2211 Lomas Blvd NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 505.550-0119
Dr. Robert Sapien, MD


Dr. Robert Sapien Contact Information

Now medical personnel can consult directly with a physician regarding the use of medical support hypnotherapy. 

As one of the Directors of the IBH, Dr. Robert Sapien, both a licensed physician, medical professor and medical support hypnotherapist consults directly with physicians of my potential clients on ways to integrate hypnotherapy as an adjunctive modality.

Physicians can consult with Dr. Robert Sapien, MD, MMM, FIBH.
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IBH Director Conducts Clinical Trial of IBH Methods

Scientific Basis for Medical Support Hypnotherapy

Overactive Bladder Syndrome
“Hypnotherapy for Treatment of Overactive Bladder: Randomized Controlled Trial Pilot Study”
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, 2011Nov;17(6):308-13. Komesu, YM, Sapien, RE, Rogers, RG, Ketai, LH

Read More on NIH Bladder Control Study