Hypnotherapy for Self-esteem


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 What is self-esteem and how does it affect your life?

The first step towards improving self-esteem is to have a clear understanding of what self-esteem is, how it affects your life, and where you are on the “self-esteem scale”. Self-esteem can’t be measured just by looking in the mirror. So where are you on the scale, how do you recognize it, and how might it be affecting you?

A basic definition for self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities and having self-respect, but recognizing low-self esteem can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

We all suffer from low-self esteem from time to time, and may be more confident in some situations and less confident in others, but determining your overall level of self-esteem can be very beneficial and help to improve you all areas of your life including relationships, career, and general well-being and much more.

We all have that voice inside our heads known as the “inner critic”. You know, that voice inside you that is always standing close by, ready to tell you what you’re not good at, or that you’re not worthy. It predicts failure before you even get started, and ignores your strong points so it can focus on your weaknesses. It never misses an opportunity to point out a mistake or imperfection, and is always there to tell you things like “you’re stupid”, “you’re a fool” “why can’t you do things right?”

Working with a certified professional hypnotherapist can be very beneficial in determining your level of self-confidence and improving your self-esteem by changing your negative thoughts into positive self-empowering beliefs through the use of techniques such as visualization, auto-suggestion, and neuro-linguistic programming. These techniques can help tame the voice of your “inner critic” and help you achieve more success.